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Route through Letona

Letona - San Victor - La Llana - Armikelo - Zarandona - Letona 

The route starts at the San Bitor street in Letona, which later rises gently until it reaches a fork; follow the path on the right that leads to the hermitage of San Víctor.

In the Landa de San Víctor, there is the M-10 marker and a path that gives access to the hermitage and two roads. Continue on the left, leaving the paths that lead to the left and right until you reach La Llana, where you take a path to the right at the foot of a large tree with the sign of a hunting reserve (VI-10178 / THE FLAT 1).

From the hermitage of San Víctor the route follows the line of landmarks that limits Zaitegi first with Letona, with Zuia later, and finally with Vitoria. In the cresterío the route happens through the boundary no. 3 (Zaitegi-Letona). In Zaraube, near boundary no. 2, the path joins a path that continues to the left, ascending to an esplanade whose highest point corresponds to the Armikelo mailbox. Continue on the path that passes next to the mailbox and continue to the right and a little back to find the cattle closure that is on the right in the rise to Armikelo. You have to descend along a path that runs parallel to the left of said closure. Through this path you reach a hill that forms a small field.

Continue to the left, without crossing the fence and to the left of it. Further on, three roads depart from which the one on the right is taken. This road separates in two being able to choose any of them since they are united later on. The descent continues until the entrance to a meadow, where there is a crossroads where you take the one on the left to border the meadow. The road known as Zarandona follows the course of the stream crossing it repeatedly. At one of these junctions, the road joins the GR 25 that comes from Apodaka. Their marks return us back to the starting point.


9,3 KM

2 hours and 55 min

307 m


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