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Route through Aramaio

Ibarra - Arraga - Arriola - Errotabarri - Ibarra 

The road of Tellerixa runs, in part, next to the small stream of the same name, approaching the neighborhoods of Errotabarri, Arriola and Arraga by road carretiles.

Guarded by the mountains of Arangio as a backdrop, we can enjoy a walk dominated by the rural and quiet environment of the small Switzerland, where there are still traces of the past (hamlets, mills ...).

The economy of Aramaio is from long ago linked to the resources of the environment and for this reason, many of the toponyms of the municipality correspond to traditional trades or elements linked to them.

This is the case of the small stream of Tellerixa, located in this valley where   ”tejeras” were very common, small constructions erected for the manufacture of tiles. (Teilak in Euskera).


4,3 KM

1 hora

202 m


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